Our Values & Standards

“Being a Laker is a special thing! Whether you compete with our travel program, attend a summer camp, or play in one of our leagues...we value providing all players the opportunity to wear the purple and gold. When a player participates with LVL Basketball it means that they have been properly coached, have been taught about the pride of working hard, and have felt the special meaning of being a part of our family.”

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” At LVL we are guided by Coach John Wooden’s quote, and strive to instill in all of our athletes that character is the foundation of all successes. Accountability, hard work, selflessness, and integrity during both the highs and lows which come with sports. These are some of the traits which our organization strives to uphold and teach to our athletes.

LVL values and encourages every athlete to always honor their commitment to the game of basketball and all sports which they participate in. At LVL the athlete’s commitment always starts with themselves and committing to a positive attitude, hard work, and coachability. From there commitment extends to the teammates and always giving them your best effort, all while being selfless and striving to help them become the best versions of themselves. Finally, LVL strongly values the commitment to the Laker and Lady Laker name. Having a sense of pride and ownership for the name on the front of the jersey is something LVL takes seriously, and we strive to create this within all of our athletes!

From day one of LVL the word “Family” has been the most common word used at every practice, skill session, camp, and game. With a commitment to establishing transformational relationships with all of our players and families, we strive to create a bond through basketball that lasts a lifetime.

When you play with LVL you are not just with us for that moment, rather you are a part of our family then and beyond. Below are a few examples of what it means to be a part of the LVL Family for life:

  • We are your advocate and supporter into high school and beyond! Coach Colombo is well known for helping all players get into the high school of their choice.
  • Support and love during your grammar school basketball activities and non-basketball events!
  • Alumni as staff members for all our programming!